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Save time and money by letting InTec Industries provide contract converting and manufacturing assembly services for your products.

With our years of experience in converting and manufacturing assembly, we have the knowledge and proven skills to assemble your products and help you get them to market.

Your product needs to be properly assembled and protected. InTec will develop and initialize a final assembly process that processes your product while minimizing cost.

Assembly and packaging operations lend themselves to continuous improvement by taking wastes out of the supply stream. InTec Industries is often able to reduce year-over-year costs while also simplifying the processes. We provide you with real-time inventory reports and provide all outbound shipping services. All of this can be transparent to your customers; they don't need to know that InTec Industries was involved at all.

Assembly, packaging and shipping are usually the last steps in the manufacturing process. You can trust us to put the same care into these last steps in such a way that your product will represent your interests as if you had manufactured it yourself.

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